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Together we can

Buy or rent virtual land

Build Metaverse experiences

Significantly increase outreach in Web3

Our Mission & Values

Be Bold
Be Creative
Build the Web3.0

Talent that can build Metaverse scenes and NFT marketplaces can be very costly

The Metaverse is still in its infancy, investing in-house resources could prove to be a risky decision

Putting a team together with diverse knowledge of blockchain, Μetaverse, web development, 3D design and fashion is time-consuming

We turn your ideas into experiences

Meet the team

Adonis Zachariades

The Innovator

Jacob Papageorgiou

The Technologist

George Manousios

The Integrator

Andy Charalambous

The Visionary

Piers Zangana

The Communicator

Svet Gyuretsov

The Analyst

Despo Georgiou

The Content Creator