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The global economy is undergoing a significant transition from the actual to the digital economy, and this process has been accelerated significantly since the epidemic.

There is a huge demand for people to really design and construct it all as more and more of our everyday physical experiences find their way into the Metaverse, including upscale shops, live entertainment venues, galleries, museums, and places of employment.

For the users’ entertainment, Metaverse needs a ton of content. We need experiences like online theme parks, virtual movie theatres, online concerts, online casinos, online schools, online conferences, and whatever else you can think of. For architects, the Metaverse is an uncharted realm full of opportunities and a utopia free from the limitations of the real world. For clients who like collecting one-of-a-kind assets, architects can develop distinctive designs underpinned by NFT. Architects can create digital assets such as cities, buildings, furniture, sculptures, point clouds, and textures and sell them to video games, movies, and virtual worlds on several occasions.

With this in mind, we built Renovi Studios. Builders and buyers can reach out to Renovi Studios and together, we can buy or rent virtual land, build Metaverse experiences and significantly increase outreach in Web3. We are giving freedom to architects and designers to be as bold and creative for a better Web3.

Why Renovi Studios?

  • Cost. Talent that can help build and define the Metaverse and NFT marketplaces can be very costly.
  • Risk. The Metaverse is still in its infancy, and investing in-house resources could prove to be risky.
  • Time. Putting a team together with diverse knowledge of blockchain, Metaverse, web development, 3D design, and fashion is time-consuming.

Renovi Studios aims to solve all these problems in building for the Metaverse activations. We want to make the process of building easier and more cost-efficient for both buyers and builders.

About Renovi

RENOVI is a leading Metaverse marketplace and design studio working with a multitude of global brands and businesses to help create, develop and implement their Web3 strategies.

Renovi’s NFT marketplace connects architects, 3D designers and digital landowners, allowing the purchase of ready-made designs to be used across all Metaverse worlds and VR platforms.

Renovi Studios has already become an established business in the Web3 space — developing and building Metaverse and NFT strategies for leading brands in the fashion, entertainment, sports, and hospitality sectors.

Connect with Renovi

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18 November 2022