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Renovi Studios partnered with Twipe and Telegraph Media Group to showcase Metaverse opportunities in the publishing sector

Renovi Studios has teamed up with Telegraph Media Group and Twipe, a leading Belgian-based digital publishing, analytics and personalisation platform, to showcase the opportunities available to publishers in the metaverse, at the Twipe Digital Growth Summit 2022, in London.

Participants in the session were guided through the Decentraland metaverse platform to see the extent of what is possible with 3D design and software development.

Renovi Studios worked with Decentraland to create, in its Crypto Valley Convention Center, a dedicated event and conference space – fully branded for the Digital Growth Summit including special banners and a video showcase.

Our co-founder Adonis Zachariades also led a hands-on session – demonstrating how the media can utilise the metaverse to reach new audiences and offer more immersive experiences.